WATERCOOLING is the practice of cooling the components of a standard computer using a water circuit to achieve unparalleled performance. Often embraced by “nerds” (or “geeks” ), who represent in the 2000s what the moped or car hackers were in the 70s and 80s. The resulting sculpture could be categorized as “geek art,” offering an aesthetic outsourcing of the electronic system, usually hidden by a minimal shell. It represents a form of computer customization taken to its extreme, an “anti-mac” stance in response to the trend of increasingly sleek and discreet technological products.

This installation was specifically created for the “2062” exhibition at La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris in 2012. It was also showcased at MU Hybrid Art House in Eindhoven in 2013 and at the Ratskeller, Cercle Cité Luxembourg in 2016.


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La Gaîté Lyrique
La Gaîté Lyrique
Mohamed Khalil Studio