Campaign SONY

The concept aimed to develop an installation capable of producing a surreal, playful, and vibrant display akin to a firework, with its visual intricacies fully revealed only through filming in extreme slow motion.

The decision was made to construct an installation inspired by a disassembled car wash, where numerous actions unfold rapidly within a few seconds. The outcome resembles a chaotic painting where time appears to nearly halt. Despite the apparent anarchy resulting from multiple actions, the extreme slow motion renders the entire spectacle hypnotic, almost harmonious.


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Fallon London
Juan Cabral
Marty Senn /Matt Keon
James Bretton
Blink Ink
Bart Yates / Annie Heart
Alex Barber
The Mill
Robin Brown
Artem - Special Effects
Neil Smith / Alex Wood @Work Post
Iron Maden “Can I play with Madness”