Beauty Kit

Short Film

Beauty Kit is a serie of four spoof adverts, promoting fictional cosmetic surgery kits for children. A do-it-yourself suitcase filled with instruments, helping little girls to adjust their body according to contemporary beauty standards, as set by the media.

The combination of sweet music and the dry instructional images creates a comical, but also cynical effect. It captures the concern that young girls are still – perhaps even more so – bombarded with all kinds of products that help them take care of and im- prove their appearance. These ads also target an increasingly younger audience: with children having access to the internet, they are easy ‘victims’ of corporate targeting, causing them to be too sexy, too soon: “Don’t wait for mother nature!” As a result, this work from 2001 has actually only become more relevant with the years.

The short film won an Excellence Prize at « ACA Media Arts Festival Tokyo » in 2003.


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