Astral Body Church

Video Installation

Astral Body Church is a humorous and somewhat subversive critique of the modern obsession with physical perfection, suggesting that the cult of the mind has shifted to that of the body.

Presented as a triptych, the installation acts as a living “stained glass” window, playing with references to religious iconography. Projected on the windows of Saint-Eustache Church, bodybuilders with elderly faces flex their muscles in extreme slow motion, tran- sitioning from one pose to another. The video installation was commissioned by “Nuit Blanche” (an annual all-night art festival) in 2007 and was specifically designed for Saint-Eustache Church in Paris.

In a lighter form, the triptych was presented at MU Hybrid Art House in Eindhoven in 2013 and at Ratskeller, Cercle Cité Luxembourg in 2016.


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Nuit Blanche & Nemo Festival
Luc Job
Mohamed Khalil Studio